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The middle of the year is that time when Audionic comes up with its professional Mehfil series speakers that have commercially always proven to be a shot right out of the park. This time around it’s no different, that is, other than Audionic’s subtly beautiful piece of art, the PWM-100 Microphone.

What’s different this year is that it’s a wired mic, with a full-brass-body design and a grill that gives the biggest players in the game a run for their money. Combine that with cutting edge technology that makes up the inside components and you’ve got one powerhouse of a microphone that has crisp, clear, quality audio with all the non-essential noise filtered out to deliver a beautiful and raw vocal experience.

With a seamless, glistening, golden-metal-body and steam-punk rugged log near the mouth-piece, this wired mic comes with a detachable and substantial 5 meters worth of branded-audionic-cable that would be enough for even the most elaborate of setups. A conveniently placed ergonomic switch makes it easy to turn the mic on and off.

The mic comes in an easy to carry briefcase style box with a handle on top along with a faux-leather pouch that’ll keep it safe and snug in a Styrofoam encasement within the package. With it, comes the branded connecting cable and the one-year Pakistan-wide E-warranty card.

All-in-all the whole package comes as a welcome addition to audionic’s audio line and is compatible with not just Audionic’s line of speakers with its 6.35mm jack, but its universally connectable with any speaker of your choosing. Of course this writer would recommend it to be used specially with Mehfil’s unrivalled sound quality for a truly unmatched audio experience.