Best Earbuds For Phone Calls Android In Pakistan 2023

Best Earbuds For Phone Calls Android In Pakistan 2023, Earbuds work amazingly perfectly for phone calls. In most cases, the quality of earbuds surpasses the quality of most built-in mobile sound systems when calling.


Simply put, wireless earbuds offer a better sound experience all around than hands-free and other conventional audio inputs.

Now let's talk about the best wireless earbuds to make & receive calls.

Audionic's Airbuds have been the best-selling earbud collection in all of Pakistan since 2018.

Even now, people take every chance they get to grab a pair or two from the shelf.

So if you're looking for a seamless call experience, then Airbud is the go-to earbuds collection at Audionic's store.

You can also try out our latest pieces like Signature S-75, Airdots 215, and a few others as well.

Just jump straight to our collections page and scroll through a dozen options made available across the price range.

5 User-Friendly Reasons Why Earbuds Work For Phone Calls.

Excellent Noise Cancellation

Earbuds are excellent at noise cancellation, which is THE MOST important quality in a gadget that's befitting for a call.

Noise Isolation Plus Super Comfortable Experience

In addition to noise cancellation, earbuds fit right into your ears super-comfortably. That way, they're able to provide better noise isolation than other gadgets.

Quad Mic = Clear & Flawless Communication

Quad Mic allows a wide range, allowing you to speak at various volumes and pitches throughout the conversation without worrying about whether the other person heard you or not.

Simply put, you won't ever have to ask "can you hear me" ever again.

Walk Around Freely With Bluetooth Connectivity

Walking around with wires is pretty annoying, to be honest.

Walking without is equally cool.

With wireless earbuds, you're never tied to one place.

Portability, Convenience, & Style.

Tying up hands-free, circle-wrapping them, and all of that headache just so you can carry them around.

The worst part comes when you finally want to unwrap them just so you can attend a call.

The whole thing's a mess with hands-free.

Now tell us how this sounds:

Slide your hand into your pocket.

Take out a sleek-design earbud case.

Connect the earbuds to your phone.

Sounds like a 15-second task, right?

Which Bluetooth Earphone Is The Best For Calling?

In Pakistan, the Airbud collection of earbuds is your best bet.

There's a reason why it has been the best-selling earbuds collection since 2018.

People not only trust but get their hands on Airbuds the first chance they get.

Whether it's online or electronic chops across the entire country.

So if you're looking to enjoy the best calling experience in Pakistan through earbuds, then Airbuds are your best bet in Pakistan in 2023.

Check out our newly launched Airbud 550 which comes with a quad mic.

Quadd mic allows you to talk in various pitches and volumes throughout the conversation without letting any part slip away.

In addition to that, Airbud 550 is equipped with ENC, which is Environmental Noise Cancellation.

ENC lets you smartly filter out the outside noise, letting you focus on your call regardless of how annoyingly noisy the environment is.

Which Bluetooth earphones are best for calls in a noisy environment?

Three Of The Best Earbuds For Calls In A Noisy Environment In Pakistan:

  • Buy Audionic Airbud 425 
  • Buy Airbud Pro Plus
  • Buy Airbud 2 Pro

  • For a noisy environment, we'll suggest a few earbuds from our Airbuds collection.

    For starters, the one we just mentioned in the earlier part. It's Airbud 550.

    Other than that, you have Airbud 2 Pro.

    It's a snug fit so it can isolate the sound completely. Plus, it also comes with a 14mm Drive Unit, allowing you to enjoy better sound quality. It also has a sensitive touch feature that allows you to seamlessly pick up calls with a gentle touch on the backside of the earbud.

    Airbud Pro Plus is also a good option for talking in noisy environments. Along with that, Airbud 425 is also an excellent option to help you talk in noisy environments as it comes with Environment Noise Cancellation technology that smartly cuts off all the noise around you. Plus, it also has a quad mic that catches the lowest volumes as well, saving the day for your throat.

    The End…

    When it comes to choosing the best wireless earbuds for making phone calls, especially in noisy environments, the most sought-after qualities are the following: Smart Noise Cancellation, Noise Isolation, High-Quality built-in mic for crystal clear communication, and better Bluetooth range.

    Unsurprisingly, you'll find all of these qualities in a much better condition in all of our earbuds from the Airbud collection. And that's one of the driving reasons why it has been such a successful collection in all of Pakistan.

    The latest models of the collection are equipped with the latest tech such as Quad Mic. It helps you talk in all volumes and pitches, allowing you to maintain the beauty of conversation.

    Plus, all earbuds in the collection offer an excellent level of noise cancellation and isolation.

    You can easily grab a pair for you from our earbuds collection today and get them shipped for free.

    Feeling excited? We too!

    See you on the collections page next!

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