Which Company Earbuds Is The Best And Affordable In Pakistan?

So it's winter and you're absolutely ready to jump into the world of killer wireless earbuds in Pakistan? That sounds like just about time! But the point of all of it is to discuss a few earbuds that won't snap your budge. Taking that into perspective, we absolutely acknowledge that kicking the perfect pair like that can be a bit tricky, but with Audionic, it's needless to say "no worries"

One thing's for sure, finding wireless earbuds that are both awesome and affordable is almost like striking gold - and that's all because of the sheer availability of options in the market. So this blog post is here to help you navigate through all the choices so you can pick the best ones for you. So it doesn't matter if you're all about your sounds a podcast enthusiast or simply just someone who loves great sound without spending a fortune, this blog post is here to get you ready because we're about to uncover some seriously budget-friendly earbuds in Pakistan. Let's go!

Two Of The Best & Affordable Wireless Earbuds In Pakistan

Airbud 550

So let's talk about the Airbud 550 Slide Earbuds – these are the real deal! First and foremost, Airbuds 550 rock the latest BT 5.3 - and that means you'll get a solid connection of up to 10m away. Now usually these features require more power input from the device - so keeping that in perspective, let's touch on that topic a bit too as well. Charging's a breeze with Airbuds 550 Slide Airbuds. It has 1.5 hours for both the earbuds and the case, plus they use a Type-C input. Now think about this: You get about 7 hours of playtime with these bad boys, and a total of 26 hours along with the case! And if talk about chilling in standby, then they'll stand by chilling for about 90 days.

However, that's not where it ends. They've even got a 10mm drive unit to support some seriously amazing sound, plus they're IPX4 water-resistant. Keeping that in perspective, a little sweat or rain won't ever stop you from continuing your meetings on the go or from staying tuned to your favorite podcast. You can even chat with your voice assistant and enjoy the Quad Mic ENC Function for clear calls. The smart touch control? Super intuitive. And the design? Sleek with a premium sliding feature that's all kinds of cool.

As for the gamers at heart, you're in for a treat too – there's a Gaming Mode with 45ms Low Latency to keep everything in sync. And the best part? All this comes at an incredibly affordable price of just Rs 4,299. Talk about getting more bang for your buck!

Airbud 595

Now Let's bring Airbud 585 Wireless Earbuds into the discussion. These little champs are equipped with BT 5.0 and ensure that you stay connected up to 10m away - same as the one we just discussed. In addition, we've also integrated USB-C charging into it as they're the best and the latest standard for charging -  so that simply means fast and efficient power-ups.

The battery specs are impressive: a 400mAh case battery and a 40mAh earbud battery - it's meant to charge the earbuds super quick - as quick as about 45 minutes from the ground up - we're talking about 0% to the ground up. As for the case, it takes just about around 2 hours. Plus, they come with a handy charging indicator. So all in all, you're looking at around 6 hours of playtime.

Furthermore, Airbuds 585 are IPX5 water-proof. Now if we decode that number, here's what it would simply mean: they're ready for whatever your day throws at them. Whether it's rain, sweat, whatever - no problem!

Now here is what the the tech-savvy would love to know, some neat smart features. Quad Mic ENC Function is there to ensure clear and crisp call quality. In addition to that, you've also got voice assistant compatibility along with quick pairing, and, to add to that, a full touch control to keep things handy as they come. Now for the gaming peeps, there's a Gaming Mode with Latency as low as 45 ms, helping you keep your gaming and sound experience perfectly in sync.

Now the sound... It's absolutely crisp and clear, thanks to a 13mm drive unit and an impedance of 50Ω. The best part? All these features come at a super affordable price of just Rs. 4199!


So wrapping it up here, the Airbud 550 Slide and Airbud 585 Wireless Earbuds, at the price they're being offered, are both absolute steals. The 550 Slides are your go-to for long-lasting playtime and sleek sliding design, and that's what makes them absolutely perfect for anyone who's on the move. Now for the low latency features, they're a gamer's dream - absolutely and utterly. And on the other side, the 585s are a bit more about quick charging and durability. That's exactly why they boast their IPX5 water-proof rating.

All in all, both sets offer amazing sound quality along with easy-touch controls and a voice assistant. And that's exactly what makes them top choices for anyone who's in love with the great sound without putting a strain on your budget. Now, do you know why did we call them an absolute steal? It's because it stands at just Rs 4,299 for the 550s and Rs 4,199 for the 585s - so all in all, you're getting premium features without emptying your wallet. So from our side, these earbuds are absolute proof that Audionic makes great tech to be both, high-quality and affordable.

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