Top Load Wireless Speaker; Sugar 20

Do you like speakers that appear elegant as well as produce a sound output of the best quality? If yes, here is your go-to! Audionic brings you with the latest stereo with swift control system. It enables you to easy access and stylish design along with best sound experience that will immerse you to the cores of music. 


Audionic Sugar 20, rechargeable Bluetooth speaker is a cylindrical floor speaker loaded on the top with a stylish front. Built with soft carbon net and enhanced with LED lights. The top load wireless speaker also has a digital display screen on top as well as swift control buttons. The architectural design and appearance is what builds its image as a premium one.

Specifications and Features

The rechargeable Bluetooth speaker has a battery with long back-up battery on a single charge. It has swift control buttons that allow you to easy control volume, and forward/rewind track. Furthermore, it supports USB, TF card and AUX input. It has karaoke ports for connecting microphone, built-in FM Radio and BlueTune connectivity to connect instantly with iPhone and Android devices.

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