THE Sound Master Brings You Premium Wireless Earbud; HONOR 11

Since its inception, Audionic masters have been bringing earphones that excels in design, quality and audibility. Now, Audionic comes with an advanced version that is here to provide excellence & comfort. Honor 11 is a BlueTune premium wireless earbud that will make your life peaceful with its unlimited features. You can answer calls, end calls, play, pause and redial in just a few clicks.

Premium Wireless Earbud

The Honor 11 has been especially designed to be compatible for the user’s ear tip. It is easy to wear and comes without hassles. The call enable function will let you talk for up to 4 hours with a listening capacity of up to 5 hours. It has also got a standby of up-to 120 hours so you can enjoy your calls and music for a longer period of time. The sound quality is loud and clear with zero distortions at low or high volume. All these features can be functioned with an easy to use swift control buttons.

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  1. i ordered one but didnt get yet nd there is no tracking i have an order email how will i receive nd how many days

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