Rex 12 Plus Unbreakable Speaker

Audionic has been a visible name in the contributors to world of electronics and technology. Once again it is ready with its fresh new contribution, Rex 12 Plus.


Rex 12 Plus is a new addition to Audionic Rex Series. This rechargeable speaker is a new party rocker with an unbreakable body, 1200mAh battery size that produces a play time of about 2-4 hours easily. The frequency response ranges between 40Hz ~ 180 KHz. This 5.25” speaker produces an output power of 10W.


This square shaped small rechargeable speaker is not only good at its specifications but also holds an appealing and attractive appearance with its bold black body, with a slight touch of blue detailing around its control buttons and volume knob, as well as the speaker net. It has a carry along handle on top which makes it easy to carry from one place to another. Order now: https://audionic.co/product/rex-12-plus-2/


Controls are a big consideration while moving into the world of technology. Audionic Rex 12 Plus possesses easy control through a remote controller as well as through its built-in volume knob and soft control buttons. Its digital display screen further enhances the beauty and usability by displaying all the necessary information digitally.

This rechargeable speaker comes with a wired mic and supports USB, AUX, Blue Tune, SD card and FM Radio. The LED lights are again a plus to its beauty.

This is a must have device for your home and small scale parties. Get your hands on this beast now.

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