The best portable speaker you will ever find!

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When it comes to speakers and musical devices Audionic is the first brand that comes in a mind. It is all because of their many devices that work seamless in market with good quality. Audionic plays successful part in musical devices and made a lot of place in market. This time Audionic presents new launch of outdoor wireless speaker. This outdoor wireless speaker introduces with the name of FENDI.

Unique and Small

• Audionic always comes with something new and different.
• Fendi is a unique portable speaker because the size is very small you can carry this anywhere.
• So it’s a smart and handy speaker make your time perfect.
• This time the uniqueness is all about in their size, shape and packed with many features in it.
• Size of FENDI is 3-4 inches you can carry and place any where.
• The display of FENDI is smooth and innovative as well.
• Designed particularly for outdoor places, travelling, perfect for smaller gathering.

Features of FENDI

• It has an amazing audio quality sounds perfect. Make your any timing interesting and exciting.
• It is Bluetune as well.
• It’s has a rechargeable battery.
• It has 3 hours of play time means you can charge this and good to go for a short time.
• It is light weight and portable means place anywhere and you can go with FENDI anywhere and make you time perfect
• . T/F, USB card supported, you can play whatever you want. Moreover you will also get FM option so, enjoy your favorite show wherever you want.

Customer Satisfaction from Audionic

To make sure customer will always satisfied Audionic provides 1 year warranty. Also providing good customer care because Audionic 1st priority is our customers.

Additional information

Weight1.00 kg




T/F card


FM Radio


Aux Input


Lightweight and portable


High Quality Audio


Play time

3 hours

Rechargeable Battery


Battery Capacity

1200 mAh

  • Bluetune supported
  • USB supported
  • T/F card supported
  • FM Radio
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High Quality Audio
  • 3 Hours play time
  • Rechargeable Battery