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DJ-550 is the perfect party speaker for your gatherings.

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DJ-550, A party speaker made to bring your parties to life. Power packed with features. DJ 550 has you covered on all your needs. Comes in a 2.0 channel configuration which is suitable for both, indoor and outdoor usage. The design is re-imagined for the modern era and will look timeless in the years to come.

Party Speaker Bass

The main highlight of Dj 550 is its bass. It is so powerful that you heart will pound from afar. Powerful enough to make things tremble. Upon testing it was able to knock down things of the table even when the table was at a large distance. Speaker box is designed to produce punchy bass without distorting. This makes it perfect for functions where the biggest complaint is distortion on high volume.

Party Speaker Mixer

Comes with two panels. One is top load and the other is back load. Top load panel is filled with controls which you need frequently. Biggest addition is the 5 band equalizer. Using this equalizer you can set to the sound to your liking. If you want more bass you can increase it. This makes it very flexible to use.
Backload consist of inputs and outputs. It also has Two band equalizer for mic aswell as delay and repeat controls.


Apart from bluetooth connectivity, You can use the NFC feature to reduce hassle when connecting even more. This enables you to just hover you phone and it will get connected in an instant.

AC/DC Function

What will you do if there is no power to run your speaker ? or Your speakers ran out of battery ? Regardless of its huge size, DJ 550 has the ability to run on AC and DC functions. This means that it can work via wall outlet or battery both.

Audio Out

If that was not enough, You can also connect more speakers via audio out. If you want to cover more area it is very easy connect more speakers via audio out.

Additional information

Weight55 kg

Following are the specifications of DJ-550 Party Speaker:

  • NFC enabled
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Digital Display
  • USB Port
  • SD Card slot
  • Aux in
  • Aux out
  • Echo Effect
  • Delay Effect
  • Repeat Effect
  • Two wireless mic with mic holders
  • Two Karaoke jacks
  • Control knobs
  • Separate mic controls
  • Remote
  • Voice over
  • FM Radio
  • Live recording
  • AC/DC Function
  • Output power: 60W-RMS X 2
  • Driver Unit: 12 Inch X 2 + Tweeter

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