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The best pair of bluetooth headphones in town.
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Audionic presents Over Ear wireless bluetooth headphone, Bluebeats B-707. These are the newest induction in Audionic headphone range. They are very comfortable with an expandable metallic headband. The earmuffs are squishy. They make a seal around your ear which give a noise cancellation effect. This combined with a 40mm high fidelity driver is enough to blow your mind. The bass is punchy and can rock any bass head to move and groove.

Bluebeats B-707

  • Bluetooth Technology:
This bluetooth headphone is the best headphone in the market. These headphones include the latest state of the art Bluetooth 4.0 technology. They are easy to pair with any device and are smart enough to reconnect on its own.
  • Over Ear Design:
These are the very first headphones by Audionic which are Over Ear. Being Over Ear they are extremely comfortable to wear for longer duration. They are a perfect fit for your everyday carry. Its fordable design makes it easy to carry in a bag and can even fit in large pockets easily.
  • In built microphone:
They also include a very high quality microphone. It gives you the flexibility of making calls with it.

2 reviews for BLUEBEATS B-707

  1. Asad Unar

    Got them a week before, Bass outclass hay.

    • audonicAdmin

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  2. Farooq

    Bought these from Carrefour for Rs. 1780. The sound quality and battery timing are both amazing though built could have been better.

    • audonicAdmin


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