Majlis Speakers Launched Nation-wide

Audionic has launched their brand new line of speakers called Majlis, that sets up to do something that no other speaker company has done before.  As the brand name Majlis goes, the term describes any religious gathering where people get together, have sermons, or even plays religious poetry. This brand caters the needs of those groups of the market who have not been provided proper devices to go about their event conveniently, Majlis solves that problem by providing specialized speakers that come with all the necessary attributes that are required for an effective delivery of such event’s sound systems and vocal aspects. Apart from high quality speakers, Majlis speakers come with a wireless collar microphone which makes the whole thing a very convenient one.  Therefore, people don’t need to spend too much time in deciding the right speaker for their events.  The speakers have been made available in majority of the retail stores and come in various models and ranges. Following are the different models and their price ranges.  Majlis M-30 Majlis M-40 Majlis M-50 Majlis M-85 Majlis M-100  Audionic further plans to expand the product line further and launch even more advanced Large event speakers that can replace the extra cost that is paid to their party event vendors.