12.12.2021 0 Avocado Men's Clothing

Audionic presents the first-ever touch-enabled neckband with high premium design features which is exclusively planned for those users who love to use them indoor and outdoor as well. It doesn't matter whether you are on a walk or jog or driving your car, you can make or attend calls anytime you want. Signature S-300 is designed to control them on the fingertips that can let you play/pause, next song, previous to tap once and you're good to go. Even for answering the calls or ends the call's you just need to tap once, then if you want to reject's the call just press long for 2 seconds, and then for voice assistance same 2 seconds are required.


                                Another outclass thing about S-300 is that they are simple magnetic controls as when the buds are together they are powered off and when buds are apart they are powered on that's the beauty of these buds as they are super tech-savvy. S-300 allows you to tune into the inner sound that lets you hear the voice of your favorite person and make them hear you as well. 


Wire Control


 It allows the user to pull out the earplugs and use them, and then suck back in the earplugs and avoid any tangle for the next use. Besides the usage, the design is remarkable that just lets you wear it around your neck and feel no weight.