Mehfil MH-813

12.03.2021 0 Avocado Men's Clothing
Mehfil MH-813

“Mehfil MH-813”


             Are you looking for something booming that can blow your mind away then let us introduce you to Audionic’s 5th generation Mehfil MH-813 with a big battery, HD sound, and TWS connectivity that is a wholesome package for any individual! 


            When it comes to gifting someone something and especially to a male friend, father or brother then a speaker is a very good option as a present on any occasion, be it Father's Day, a birthday, or on a wedding. What makes it a great souvenir is its exciting features like RGB light effect, repeat audio, delay & echo and live recording with voice over. 

             The best part about these speakers is that they come with a handheld HD mic that is the perfect blend for any Mehfil, gathering or family functions as we like to do jamming or sing on a special request from uncle or aunt. Audionic is the number one brand when you talk about speakers as we have a variety of options in this category and many others. In this way, customers can choose according to their needs like this speaker MH-813 that is the outstanding choice for a medium-sized gathering.

          This speaker is also considered the best option when it comes to religious events like mehfil-e-milad, naat khuwani, and bayans. This item has launched as a Mehfil speaker but the company's showed us that this speaker is a multi-performer that you can use according to your needs and desires. As you can play it anywhere you want because of the blue-tune function and you can carry it anywhere you want because of its light weight. We offer easily controllable remote as well which is a big ease when you're adjusting and changing output media. 

           Music is a way to enter your-self into another zone, the zone in which we are consistently experiencing a good state of mind.