Audionic Rechargeable Mic

Let us welcome you to Audionic latest launch, DWM-10. Like our every other product, DWM-10 is here to create a lot of buzz in the market. We have professionally designed this Mic to give it a captivating appeal and a wide range of features to make your singing experience worthwhile.

With a control panel that includes features like bass, treble, volume and echo, one is able to relax and adjust them according to their requirements. This wireless Mic gives users the luxury to have their voice adjusted however they want, especially compatible for large audiences.

Fulfill Your Super Star Dreams

Audionic has especially focused the design of this Mic for singers who want their music to be felt and not just heard.  Along with an attractive looking body, it has got a Mic that includes a three layer filter net to make your voice highly audible. DWM-10 let users produce accurate vocals through speakers that contain a high power of 3W x 2(40mm 40hms) and a frequency response of 200Hz-10KHZ so that there is absolutely no distortion in the voice.

Hassle-Free Experience

DWM-10 comes with a wide array of features. Users are able to receive calls on loudspeaker and the USB support feature makes it highly convenient for people to record songs or podcasts. Not only this, it has a Bluetooth feature that is highly compatible with any Bluetooth device so one is able to record and share songs to anyone they want.

Moreover, it has got a 1200mAh battery capacity that will let you sing or speak for fascinating amount of time. The impressive looking rechargeable Mic also comes with a complementary Mic pouch, charging cable, audio cable and user guide to give you an absolutely hassle-free experience.

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